Andrea + Kenton

You have traversed tributaries and trials, you have surveyed and found, that now you are ready to discover what you are more or less certain of is already there, you are ready for the country of marriage.

— from 'The Country of Marriage' by Lance Odegard

Andrea and Kenton share so many loves in life, but it took them a little while to realize that they also were loves for life. They are both incredibly talented musicians (I've actually known Kenton for several years through overlapping music circles) and Andrea teaches music and is also a music therapist. They share a love for East Van, for good food, for soul-giving conversations and as you'll see in these images, they share a love for so very many dear people.

Their wedding was unconventional — a weekend of festivities starting with the reception at East Van mainstay, the Wise Hall on Friday night before the ceremony on Saturday. Andrea is clearly a dear friend to so many, that she included a large collection of them as her 'ladies in waiting' along with her sisters for bridesmaids. I loved their floral crowns, flowing dresses and bohemian spirits and finding ways to tell their stories throughout the two days of celebration.

Those of you in music in Vancouver might recognize a few familiar faces in the crowd. You might also catch the family connections, the prairie roots and the memory of a dear father who was remembered in spirit. It was a privilege to celebrate and document their wedding days with such a warm community of friends and family.